Must Visit Attractions in Maine


Maine is a state that is known for lobster and cold winters. There is much more to the state of Maine than this. These are some must-visit attractions in Maine.


Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens


These gardens are located in the town of Boothbay. This is one of the most beautiful places in the entire state. There are year-round events including a festive display in the winter. In the spring and summer, a person can see a number of colorful flowers that are in bloom.


Gulf Hagas


This natural canyon is located in the Rockwood Area. It is known as the Grand Canyon of the East Coast. The Pleasant River cuts through the rocks and runs for three miles and has created a slate gorge. There are several waterfalls that are located in this canyon as well.


Table Rock


Table Rock is located in the Newry Area. The table is really a large natural granite ledge where a person can stand and see for miles around. This ledge overlooks the Grafton Notch State Park which can a lot of natural beauty. To reach Table Rock a person has to be willing to go climbing on a tough trail but many say that it is well worth it.


Umbrella Cover Museum


This museum is located on Peaks Island. This place is a lot of fun to check out. The owner has collected these items for a number of years. A person should stop by for a good laugh and some fun hands-on activities.


Cadillac Mountains


This is located on the Mount Desert Island in Maine. The best time to come to this mountain is during the sunset for a breathtaking view. A person should like up one of the mountains during the day and stay to see the setting sun.




This next attraction is located off the Rockland Coast. It is a must visit area for anyone that loves fishing. There is so much to do and see as far as fishing goes here. A person can go lobster fishing and they can stop at the local stores and purchase some fresh caught fish and shellfish.


Desert of Maine


In the town of Freeport, there is an area of main that looks like the desert. There is a bare area located between trees. This area is not actually a desert. It does get rain and is affected by snow in the winter. This sandy area was formed a long time ago. A glacier was in this area and it created the sand that is still around today.


Maine ArtWork


Maine is a state that has a lot of art and street galleries. For those that want to check out some paintings and performing arts, there are a number of towns they can visit. Some of the best towns for art lovers are Portland and Kingsfield.


These are some of the best sights in Maine that you need to see while in this state. Maine has a lot of natural beauty and there is more to see and do than most people know.